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Why To Become An Emergency Room RN

Can’t decide what area you want to work in? Check out the link above to see why you should become an ED RN… and the openings we have available below for Emergency Room RNs here at North Shore LIJ Health System.


All positions require 

  • 3+ Years Emergency Room Experience Required OR 1-2 Years Med/Surg or Telemetry
  • BSN Required

If interested in any of the positions below send me your resume to review to

Registered Nurse- Clinical Decision Unit

New Hyde Park, NY, USA 
Requisition ID: LIJ0007YZ 
Shift: Night  Job – Full Time

Registered Nurse- Emergency Room

Syosset, NY, USA 
Requisition ID: SYO0000UM 
Shift: Night Job – Full Time

Registered Nurse- Emergency Room

Manhasset, NY, USA 
Requisition ID: NSU000A6U 
Shift: Night Job – Full Time


Registered Nurse- Emergency Room
Forest Hills, NY, USA 
Requisition ID: FOR00026P 
Shift: Night Job – Full Time
Clinical Practice Coordinator (Assistant Nurse Manager)- Emergency Room
Plainview, NY, USA 
Requisition ID: PLA0001W2 
Shift: Night Job 
** 1-2 years Leadership Experience required & 3+ Years ED experience required**



10 Reasons To Be A Nurse Educator

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The National League for Nursing lists the top 10 Reasons To Be A Nurse Educator

10. You work in an intellectually stimulating environment.
9.  You have autonomy and flexibility.
8. Your research creates knowledge and advances the field; your publications bring you prestige.
7.  Your work has value to society.
6.  You can teach anywhere in the world.
5.  You can teach from the beach or the slopes, using technology.
4.  You encourage and educate eager minds, and rejoice when your students surpass you.
3.  You shape the future of healthcare.
2.  You change lives.

And the number 1 reason to become a nurse educator…
1.  You teach what you love


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Nurse Educator-Discover Nursing Education

Learn how you can advance your career to the next level by becoming a Nurse Educator. North Shore LIJ needs nurse educators! Some of our Current Nurse Educator Listings for North Shore LIJ below.

To be a Nurse Educator you must have

  • Masters in Nursing
  • NYS RN license
  • Minimum of 4 years of clinical Nursing Experience and 3 years in leadership
Nurse Educator 
Lake Success, NY, USA
Requisition ID: NSH00036U
Posting Date: 07/23/2013
Shift: Day Job
Nurse Educator
Valley Stream, NY, USA
Requisition ID: FRA000248
Posting Date: 06/23/2013
Shift: Night Job
Nurse Educator- Neurology 
Manhasset, NY, USA
Requisition ID: NSU0009UW
Posting Date: 05/20/2013
Shift: Day Job
Assistant Director of Nursing Education 
Lake Success, NY, USA
Requisition ID: NOR0002L8
Posting Date: 04/29/2013
Shift: Day Job
Nurse Educator
Manhasset, NY, USA
Requisition ID: NSU0009OU
Posting Date: 04/12/2013
Shift: Night Job
If you do not have your MSN and are interested in becoming a Nurse Educator, click the link below to find out more on how to become a Nurse Educator.

Nurse Educator | Discover Nursing.

How Do Nurses Do It?

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Being a Nurse is hard work, but without them where would we be? Join North Shore LIJ’s nursing team and be apart of a team who is recognized for all their hard work and dedication. Nurses: How Do They Do It?
Image compliments of Best Nursing Masters Degrees“>

Long hours and hard work, how do nurses stay on their feet.

I want to know…. How do you do it? What do you like best about being a RN? Is it the patients? The schedule? Coworkers? Leave a comment and let me know #RN..


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Infographic: 2013 Education Nursing Survey

Interested in careers at North Shore LIJ? Take a look at this and see how you compare… Blog recently conducted an education survey that gathered answers and comments from more than 25,000 respondents regarding their education levels, employment settings, job positions and future education goals. Below are highlights from the survey.

How long have you been a nurse?  How your educational goals have changed throughout the years? Let us know in the comments box.

Click on the infographic to see it in a larger view.

2013EducationSurvey_InfoGraphic_R5 (2)

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Visit for more information on nursing education.

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